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    1. Holder

    The following terms and conditions establish and regulate the use of the www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk website.

    www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk is an Internet domain belonging to:

    ASHI 85 S.L.Avenida de Moya 8 35100 Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria Tel.: +34-928-76 33 08 Fax: +34-928-77 03 06 marketing@seaside-hotels.com

    The CEO of the company is: Theo Gerlach Copyright: © 2012 ASHI 85 S.L.

    All rights are reserved.

    The business address of which is at Avenida de Moya 8, CP 35100 Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria, and the tax identification number of which is CIF B 96199807.

    In addition to the business address, Users are also given the following E-mail address to which they may direct petitions, queries or complaints: marketing@seaside-hotels.com.

    The Intellectual Copyrights to this website, the name of the site, its source-code, design and structure contained in it, are the property of ASHI 85 S.L., and the exclusive right to operate it in any manner and especially the right to reproduce, distribute, make it public and alter it, are reserved to said corporation.

    2. Objective and Acceptance

    The use of this page, www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk confers upon you the condition of “User” and implies your full and unreserved acceptance and the validity of each and every one of the clauses included in this Legal Disclaimer, which may be altered at any time.

    A Users’ access to the www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk portal is free of charge and unlimited. However, the services and/or products offered by ASHI 85 S.L., or through third parties by way of this portal, are subject to the hiring of them beforehand and the payment of an amount subject to the corresponding specific conditions which, depending on each case, substitute, alter and/or complement these Terms & Conditions, for which reason the User, before accessing and/or using said service, must read and accept said conditions.

    The Holder of the portal does not warrantee the inexistence of errors in the contents of this website, nor that it is up to date, although we will do our utmost to ensure that any errors are avoided, corrected or updated.

    3. Condition of Access and Use

    The User must make correct use of this Website according to Law, good faith, public order, and this Disclaimer. In consequence, the User must use the contents and information contained in www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk diligently, correctly and lawfully.

    Any use of this portal for purposes and /or effects contrary to those stipulated in this Disclaimer or for other illicit purposes that could harm or damage in any manner, the interests or rights of third parties and /or the Holder of these rights, is totally forbidden.

    Introducing computer viruses or carrying out any action that could alter, damage, render useless, interrupt or generate errors or damage to the electronic documents on it or the physical or logical systems belonging to ASHI 85 S.L. or third parties, as well as any obstacles to the access of other Users, to this website and its services, is forbidden.

    Attempting to access restricted areas in the computer systems of ASHI 85 S.L. or third parties and to obtain information and/or breach intellectual property rights or violating the information belonging to ASHI 85 S.L. or third parties is also forbidden.

    Access and navigation by the User shall in no way constitute a waiver, transmission, license or yielding whether total or partial of the rights belonging solely and exclusively to ASHI 85 S.L. The use of this website by third parties does not grant any rights to it or its services and or the products offered in it, in any manner.

    In consequence, the User of the portal hereby accepts, acknowledges and respects the intellectual property and commercial rights held by the Owner of it. The User hereby is committed adhere to what has been established in the Law of Intellectual Property of Spain, to keep the entirety of the contents unchanged and prevent any distortion, change or alteration against it which could harm the Owner’s legitimate interest or harm their reputation.

    Thus, any alteration, reproduction, reuse, operation, duplication, public distribution of any part or all the contents included in this website for a public or commercial purpose without previously obtaining the express permission in writing from the Holder of the rights, shall constitute a violation of the Law. This also covers any file or brochure that is available to the User at the Portal.

    In conclusion, any User that accesses this Website, may visit the contents and make, if necessary, private authorised copies, as long as the elements reproduced shall not be yielded to third parties nor installed in servers connected to networks, nor shall they be the object of any type of business activity, as long as no contents or source codes, copyrights and other contents that identify them as belonging to ASHI 85 S.L., or third parties, are altered or eliminated, in other words, the original appearance must be respected.

    In the event that the hiring, use of a service and/or product offered in this portal should require registration and the sharing of data and/or information, the User shall be entirely liable for the truth, legality, completeness, accuracy and authenticity of the personal data entered and commits to keeping them duly updated.

    Should any User or Third party consider that events or circumstances exist that reveal the illicit use of any contents and/or the carrying out of any activity on the Website and included Web pages or are accessible to them from this website, the User should notify ASHI 85 S.L., duly identifying themselves and specifying the assumed violation and expressly declaring on their own responsibly that the information notified is accurate.

    Due to the inherent characteristics of the activity and services offered by ASHI 85 S.L., and for the faultless accomplishment and achieving of its objectives, the yielding of personal data to third parties, including their international transmission, is necessary. Said yielding or transferring of personal data may be directed to the companies that are a part of the SEASIDE HOTELS GROUP and/or other interested third parties. The yielding of personal data to said parties is exclusively intended for the proper rendering of the services that ASHI 85 S.L. offers.

    ASHI 85 S.L. reserves the right to bar from use, whether temporarily or permanently, those Users who behave in any of the following manners: - For the breach of any of the General Use Conditions established in this document; - For any breach of the Law, Morality and Public Order. The barring of the User shall not be considered a waiver of the rights of ASHI 85 S.L. to carry out any corresponding legal actions or to any compensation due to them by Law.

    4. Operation of the WEB

    ASHI 85 S.L. shall not be responsible for any problem that could arise from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, malfunction of telephone lines or disconnections to the operation of this Website, caused by anything unrelated to the Owner of this Website.

    Furthermore, the Owner shall not be responsible for any consequences brought about by any delays or blocking of the operation of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overloads to telephone lines or the Internet, or damages caused by illegitimate intrusions to this web by anyone unrelated to ASHI 85 S.L.

    ASHI 85 S.L. reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the web without notice, for operational purposes such as maintenance, repairs, updating or improvement.

    5. Links

    The User will be able to link to other Websites from this web by means of buttons, links, banners, etc.

    The act of connecting to third party websites from www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk in no manner implies that any connection to the linked web exists, nor does it in any way constitute or imply any management relationship, authority, dependence or connection between ASHI 85 S.L. and the party responsible for the linked website.

    In the event that any link leads to portals not belonging to ASHI 85 S.L. , our company shall not be responsible for any aspect of their operation, functioning, access, data, information, files, quality, accuracy or reliability of their products.

    And ASHI 85 S.L. shall not be answerable for the legality of the contents of said webpage: the responsibility thereof shall fall entirely upon the third party, by way of information (and in no case limited), as well as respect for legality, morality, good customs and public order of the contents as that shall not harm third parties.

    We hereby notify the User that we use an external reservations engine, and that at the moment that the User moves from our webpage by clicking on "Reservations", they shall be moving to a third party webpage unrelated to ASHI 85 S.L. , which exempts our company of all responsibility, as said website sets its own general conditions and disclaimers.

    Should the owner of a web portal unrelated to ASHI 85 S.L. wish to link to www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk , they must conform to the following stipulations:

    • a).- The link must be absolute and complete, in other words, it must bring the User, by means of a click, to the URL address of our website itself. In no event, unless expressly authorized by ASHI 85 S.L. in writing, may the linking website reproduce in any manner contents or the www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk website, or include it under its own “frames” or create a “browser” to any of the pages of our website.
    • b)- At the site that establishes the link, there cannot be any kind of statement that ASHI 85 S.L. has authorised any link unless ASHI 85 S.L. has done so expressly and in writing. Should the other site setting up the link from their own site to www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk wish to include the brand, name, commercial name, logo, slogan or any other element identifying ASHI 85 S.L. and/or www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk , on their own website, they should first obtain express authorization in writing from us.
    • c).- ASHI 85 S.L. does not authorise links to www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk from any website that contain illicit, illegal, degrading, obscene or in general material, information or contents that go against morality, public order or generally accepted social rules.

    ASHI 85 S.L. does not accept any responsibility for any aspect of any website that establishes any link to www.grand-hotel-residencia.co.uk, specifically to its operation, access, data, information, files, accuracy, quality and reliability of its services and products, its own links and/or any of its contents in general.

    6. Validity and Changes to the Conditions

    The Owner of this Website reserves the right to change, develop or update at any time and with no previous notice, the conditions of use of this website in the terms that they consider convenient. The User is automatically obligated by the conditions of use in force at the time that they access the Website.

    7. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

    This Legal Disclaimer is governed by and shall be interpreted according to Spanish Legislation.

    In the event of any controversy arising from its validity, execution, compliance or resolution, whether total or partial, ASHI 85 S.L. and the User shall submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and expressly waive their rights to any other jurisdiction that could be applicable to them, unless the applicable legislation prevent the parties from submitting to any specific legal authority.

    8. Information on the resolution of disputes online

    The EU Commission has created an internet platform for the online resolution of disputes (the so-called 'ODR platform'). The ODR platform serves as a central contact point for the out-of-court resolution of contractual obligations arising from online contracts of purchase. Customers can access the ODR platform under the following link:


    9. Privacy statement

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